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My Fitness Philosophy

A solid foundation of proper bio-mechanics is crucial to achieve longer lasting results and avoid long term preventable injuries. Ted Shankle focuses on mobility, stability, and strength as the building blocks to help his clients achieve their fitness goals. Clients are each evaluated to identify their individual muscle imbalances and how they can effectively work to correct these issues while also pursuing their ultimate fitness goal. Our clients have fitness goals that can range from fat loss, increased strength, athletic performance, or simply an improved quality of life.

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What I Do

I take your goal, design a plan, and help you SUCCEED!

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Corrective Exercise and Increase Flexibility

I help identify postural and muscle imbalances that we develop over time from our daily lives. This is the cornerstone of ANY fitness routine and by addressing these issues, your posture, joint mobility and overall flexibility will improve. But more importantly, you'll feel great!

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