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My Favorite Products

Below are some of the products I use myself and with clients.


Foresight Sports GC Quad

Golf Launch Monitor

The GC Quad is quite simply the gold standard in launch monitor technology! It's unparalleled club data gives me the exact information I need as a player and instructor to make to the necessary adjustments for improvement.

Golf Equipment

Callaway Golf

Staff Professional

Apex MBs, Rogue Driver & Woods

The best clubs I've ever hit with T.T. Dynamic Golf Tour Issue shafts on my irons and Ventus Black shafts on my woods. Custom fit and built for my game!

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SuperSpeed Golf

Use Promo code: GPFspeed

for a 10% discount

I've found this product to be very effective to increase club head speed and I use it regularly for myself and with my clients. It's scientifically proven and easy to use. 



For Home or Commercial use!

I absolutely love using the Terra-Core. It challenges you in a variety of ways. I use it for strength, balance, flexibility or for sports specific exercises.

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