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ball-strik-er    noun

plural  ball-strikers

Definition of ball-striker

: a golfer regarded for his or her ability to hit the ball squarely

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All In One Training

Ball-Striker Golf Academy provides the benefit of having an instructor with expertise in both fitness and golf instruction. This means you can receive the benefit of having a swing coach that is also an experienced personal trainer to deliver the individualized results that benefit you most. Whether you are trying to change your golf swing, improve your short game, or even just feel more fit, Ted Shankle can provide professional golf instruction, corrective postural exercises and fitness recommendations as a complete experience.

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What is the benefit of using the GC Quad?

The GC Quad is the gold standard in launch monitor technology and gives exact data on both the club and the ball. If we can measure it, we can control it and make real changes.

Can I just take group lessons?

Definitely! While including individual lessons is strongly recommended to help drive long-term results, group lessons are available to set a solid foundation.

What is the benefit of combining golf and fitness?

Great question! To play your best, you need flexibility, joint mobility, and strength. Most amateur players lack the first two and those are critical in order to have the proper bio-mechanics to move the club properly. Including fitness provides you the opportunity to identify those imbalances and learn how to improve them.

Do you work with beginners?

Absolutely! We work with golfers at every level, from a person holding a club for the very 1st time all the way up to professional golfers and everyone in between.

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