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Ted's not just a trainer or PGA pro but more of a teacher. He explains the why to everything so you understand what you are doing and what it should produce. He fully understands the kinetic chain to provide efficient workouts and performance.

 Golf lessons start with goal based analysis and he cares more about the student's progress and not lesson time. The next lesson is only after you're ready for it and not simply for a weekly meeting. And if he see's you on the range, he'll always make time to give a few words of advice.

 In the gym, it's safety first. You get a thorough assessment and establish realistic, reachable goals. He prepares a personalized workout plan with a combination of weights, stretches and performance movement with the goal in mind. He covers nutrition as well, and I've lost over 15 lbs since i started with him. I'm stronger, lighter and playing better golf. I highly recommend him!

-Mark Hillyer 

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Here's a life-changer! I've been training with Ted for 5 years now and I'm in the best shape I've been in since my 20's and I'm over 60 now. Every session it seems Ted introduces a variety of new exercises, totally making my body work out like crazy, but intelligently too with my goal in mind.
He mixes in golf specific exercises too and I feel so much stronger with more endurance when I play.  Once we started adding golf lessons, that was it- I found the perfect combination to keep me in shape and improve my game. If you play golf and are serious about improving, I definitely recommend Ted for fitness and golf lessons!

-Matt Ott 

I started training with Ted back in 2007 and have worked with him ever since. He is very knowledgeable of the body and movement and he has been a lifelong athlete himself. The stretches and weights he prescribes for me have kept my 75 year old body playing tennis regularly and healthfully!

-Sandy Merrell

I've never had a trainer... then, when I was 47, I met Ted. I've been training with since 2002, and I always regret if I miss a session. He has inspired me over the last 17 years: to make, keep and achieve my goals; to lose weight by understanding nutrition and how each body differs; to keep going despite being too tired, too busy, and yes- too undisciplined.

Ted is able to explain to me, in understandable language, how to do an exercise, why we are doing it and what it will achieve when done correctly. 

When I had an injury, we have addressed it, worked around it, and healed it. I have found him to always be honest, straightforward and caring about my performance and overall well being. He is, quite simply, the best of breed in trainers.

-Patrice Wiggins, MA, Ed.

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