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Virtual Lessons & Sessions

Train or Get a Swing Eval Remotely

Download Zoom App

Download the Zoom App onto your favorite device or laptop and use this for our interaction. You'll be able to log into my meeting room and we'll be able to see each other in live time. I will then be able to give you professional fitness instruction remotely.

Swing Analysis

Receive a professional swing analysis from anywhere you choose! Use your favorite range, golf course or even from your home hitting bay. Simply video your swing from 2 views, down the line and face on, then email them to me for an evaluation. 

Fitness Sessions

Receive personalized goal based training from your own home!

After discussing the equipment you have at your disposal, customized workouts are designed based upon your surroundings, goals and fitness level. Even with minimal equipment and just a little space, you can still obtain positive results!

Virtual Lessons: List

Schedule an introductory call

Online Swing Analysis

Saves on Travel and Time

Use Hudl Techniques Swing App. 

Record Your Swing and use the

Email Link

Video Analysis and Swing

Correction Feedback

Access to Complete Video Library

* 2 Online Swing Analysis per Month

for $60

Virtual Fitness Packages

Saves on Travel and Time

Download the Zoom App

and Train from Home!

Goal Based Training for 

Corrective Exercise, Flexibility, Strength,

or Sports Performance

Buddy Training on Request starting at

$140 per Session

* 8 Sessions @ $100 - $800

* 12 Sessions @ $90 - $1080

Virtual Lessons: Pricing
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